You are entitled either to have a dormitory place or a monthly contribution of HUF 30 000 to your accommodation costs (which latter is transferred to your account) for the whole duration of the scholarship period (provided that you are in Hungary!).


a,         In the case you live in the dormitory but wish to leave it and move into in a flat or UNI-Hotel etc…  you have to move out from the dormitory till the last day of the given month (etc. 31st of January, 29 of February …) and shall inform the dormitory management and Nikolett Tóth beforehand. In this case the University transfers the 30.000 HUF (the next month contribution) to your account. You have no financial obligations towards the Dormitory.


b,          In the  case you move out  later from the dormitory (between 1st -15th of the given month), you are obliged  to pay half of the monthly dormitory fee, regardless of the actual number of nights you spent in the dormitory. In this case the University also transfers the 30.000 HUF to your account, but you have to pay half of the monthly dormitory fee to the Dormitory in cash.


c,         In the case you move out from the Dormitory after 15th of the given month the whole accommodation fee is transferred to the Dormitory.


In either case it is very important to inform the person in charge at the Dormitory as soon as possible that you wish to move out from the Dorm. Without that the accommodation fee will be transferred to the dormitory and not to you, which cannot be changed later.


Please note that till 31 October 2015, the fee of the dormitory was 34000 HUF - regardless the fact that those lived outside the Hostel received 30,000 HUF as accommodation contribution.

(since 1 November 2015, the fee of the dormitory is  30000 HUF)