Freshmen's Ball 2017!

07. November 2017. 16:00
Get your dresses and suits ready! Here is everything you need to know about the University Ball this Friday Freshmen students are about to become citizens of the University of Miskolc. Having more than a 20-years-old tradition, the University Ball is one of the most important events of the student life in Miskolc. Girls, your dresses ready. Boys, prepare your suits. This Friday, on 10th of November, the Main Hall of the University will abound in glitter, music, dance, and many other surprises that the organizers prepared for you. We have talked with Márk Alexa, the Secretary of the University of Miskolc Students’ Self-government, who explained us in details why a Miskolc University student should not miss this event.

Written by Alina Girnet, 1st year SH fellow student,

One of the University’s most valuable traditional events is only 3 days away. On the occasion of welcoming freshmen students, the Student Government of the University of Miskolc is inviting all the academic community, students as well as professors, to the University Ball, this Friday starting with 7 pm.

Let’s rock and roll the stage

The Ball will be held in the main building of the University and it will include several events. At the beginning, freshmen students will utter an oath through which they will express their openness to embrace Miskolc University as their new academic home. A folklore dance show will follow up the opening ceremony, and soon after, a jury will select the most beautiful couple of the Ball. Popular Hungarian singers and bands are invited also, which means the event will take the shape of a genuine party. Check the full program and venues below:

Main Hall 

19.00–21.00                       Welcome music

21.00–22.00                      BanDJ

22.00-23.00                        Zion Refresh (hip-hop band) concert

23.00-23.30                        “Beauty of the ball contest”, “Nicest couple contest”

23.30–00.30                       Soulwave (rock band) concert

00.30–01.00                       “Beauty of the ball contest”, “Nicest couple contest”

  01.00–04.00                     BanDJ 


19.00–20.00                       Welcome music BanDJ

20.30–21.00                       Opening Ceremony 

21.00–23.00                       Hooligans (rock band) concert

23.00–01.00                       “I love retro” party

01.00–04.00                       DJ Lofti Begi

A/6 – Room XXI
22.30                                    Stand-up comedy show: Szupkay Viktor 

23.00-03.00                       Music party, wedding ceremony

Even though different events will take place in different locations, do not worry, the venues are close one to the other, so it will be easy for you and your friends to find them.

What to wear?

“Strict and unchanged”, that is how the organizers are describing the dress code. In other words, leave your jeans and sneakers home, because the main requirement of this ball is to wear elegant clothes. In addition, do not forget to take a red accessory with you. This will bring a colorful sparkle to the party.

The key for entering the palace? Your ticket

As you finally received your first scholarship, here is a nice way to spend just a little amount of it. Tickets are needed for attending the ball, so do not forget your student ID to prove your identity. For freshmen of the University of Miskolc the ticket price is 1000 Ft if you come until 8 pm. After 8 pm, all freshmen, as other students or employees of the university have to pay 2000 Ft. The price for other guests is 3000 Ft.  Bring some extra money if you want to buy a drink or something to eat. You will be able to find some places inside where you could buy food and drinks.

Friday night we are young! Don’t think it twice. Let us get the party started. Just before that, here are some regulations that you should keep in mind, the organizers said:

# between 7 pm – 4 pm, the participants can only use the main entrance and exit. (A17, A14)

# if you leave the ball you can get back through the exit. (Participants will get a seal sign on their hands, which will allow them to get back)

# guns, knives, explosives, and drugs are forbidden

# smoking will be allowed only on some appointed places.