Alumni member experiences of our student, Raghawendra

05. March 2019. 09:25
The Alumni Hungary frequently asks its members and volunteers to tell about their studies, stay in Hungary and everyday experiences and why it is important for them to be an Alumni Hungary member.
In this article we can get to know the opinion and point of view of our PhD student, Mr. Raghawendra Pratap Singh Sisodia and we can easily see, that continuing his MSc studies on a doctoral level (both in Miskolc) was a great decision of him.

"It’s my privilege to have an opportunity to study in the country which has a long tradition of higher education and academic excellence with state-of-the-art research facilities, and people with outstanding creativity, knowledge, focused on delivering the best on their part for the human mankind, country and the world.  
That reflected clearly with the recipient of Nobel prizes, so far it is 13 in different fields out of these three in medicines, ranks in top 15 recipient countries. This gave me the great opportunity, to get to know fellow International students from all over the world, exchange ideas, to develop my knowledge and skills around a new or familiar course. It really helps me to learn a lot about a country’s culture, everyday lifestyle, and values. I feel an extremely honoured to pursue my higher education at the University of Miskolc, world class education system, cutting edge research and innovation, attend lectures taught by the highly experienced professors of high-level research findings in Mechanical Engineering fields. It gives me real satisfaction, realization of ideas, true feeling of research and innovation and inspiration to realize my dreams in developing innovative, creative society, where individuals stand the chance to become global players in their field of specialization. 
Simply like an amazing Hungarian Invention, Rubik’s cube that involves hardworking, mind boggling with the permutation and combination of several blocks. Finally it gives you desired result, happiness and inner self-satisfaction similarly during the university studies. All the questions of future career like an area of interest, skills and tools, competitiveness in marketplace, job requirement, employment trends, success etc. are like mixed up puzzle and the ultimate answer, guidance and inspiration will nobody give you better than the worldwide settled International Alumni Hungary members of high repute. The network also contributes in creating and expanding worldwide community of international alumni of excellence."
Hopefully all - or at least the generality of the - students of the University of Miskolc has the same opinion in being enthusiastic in their studies, finding their way in Hungary and enjoy experiencing new outlooks, customs and activities.
The full article is available here.