Need a break between exams? How to discover the authentic Hungary during relaxing day trips

14. May 2019. 10:25
The exam period charges us with an almost unbearable heaviness, especially after several days in a row spent in our dormitory rooms. There is not enough time for a longer trip, nevertheless, a day trip could refresh our mind and boost our creativity. The city of Miskolc is surrounded by significant historical places, and the train connections offer us the chance to start our journey in the morning, and return later in the evening. If you are in for a day trip, here are some recommendations.



Written by Alina Girnet, 2nd year SH fellow student, alina.girnet(at)



In Goethe’s Faust, one of the scenes in a cellar depicts Mephistopheles as offering the other characters a choice of any wine each. While others favor some French wines, Mephistopheles chooses Tokaj wine for himself. The list of famous literary works where Tokaj wine was mentioned is long enough, as well as the one of famous historical personalities who expressed their appreciation for wines produced in the Tokaj region.

Tokaj is a historical town, located 54 kilometers away from Miskolc, and an important part of the Tokaj wine region, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Besides an authentic rural landscape, colorful little houses, and warm atmosphere, Tokaj hosts a beautiful belvedere, wine museums, old churches and welcoming family wineries, the owners of which will amaze you with their hospitality and unique wines.


How to get there: From Miskolc Railway Station there are trains to Tokaj every other hour. The trip, depending on the train you choose, can last between 40 minutes and 1 hour.


Tip: Taste the aszú wine. With a rich history that goes back in the 16th century, the sweet wine is the star of the region. The wine is treated as a symbol of Hungary, being often used as a diplomatic tool. It is a bit pricey indeed, but remember, you are in Tokaj, there is a large variety of small family wineries that offer affordable wine tastings.



Mainly, Sárospatak hosts a castle, a river, cute pedestrian alleys, and plenty of silence. In fact, the silence is so loud here that it overwhelms you with calmness and peace. There is a common belief that rural areas aren’t the ones to spur big changes and transformations into a country. Sárospatak contradicts this belief by its example. The big reformation movement in Hungary began in this area through one of the most important colleges hosted by the town, where Jan Comenius was a teacher for several years. Rákóczi castle opens a harmonious view of both, the river Bodrog and the town.


How to get there: From Miskolc Railway Station there are trains to Sárospatak every hour. The trip lasts 1 and a half hours.


Tip: Visit the Sárospatak Rákóczi Cellar. This cellar is situated in the historic centre of Sárospatak, 14 metres deep under the park of the Rákóczi Fortress-Castle (in volcanic rock). Its total length is about 1000 metres, accommodating tokaji wines, and thus, one of the largest and most beautiful winery of Tokaji Wine Region.


Extra tip: The town is only 8 minutes away by bus from the World Heritage Cellars of Hercegkút. The charming and fascinating little Swabian village of Hercegkút hosts an exclusive cellar system that will remind you of the hobbit houses from the Lord of the Rings.



There are only 74 kilometers separating Miskolc from Eger, the second-largest city in Northern Hungary. Among the baroque buildings, historical statues, and thermal baths, you would feel treated royally in this cute little town. The most famous place around here, which will offer you a spectacular view over the town is the Castle of Eger, built in the second half of the 13th century. You won’t need a map, since a simple walk around the streets surrounding the central square will open many urban curiosities for you. Nevertheless, you might find interesting the variety of museums the city hosts. Among them, a Beatles museum and “a city under city” (The Archiepiscopal Wine Cellars).


How to get there: From Miskolc Railway Station there are trains to Eger every hour. The trip lasts approximately 1 hour.


Tip: Visit the Stühmer chocolate store near the main square. You will find a variety of one of the oldest chocolate factories in Hungary.



The city, situated near Budapest, will require a little bit more effort from a Miskolc resident, as you would need to go to Budapest, and from there to board a train to Szentendre. Nevertheless, once arrived there you might as well think that you have descended in the land of colors. Getting lost among the narrow streets is strongly recommended, as well as checking the top view of the city, near the Saint John the Baptist's Parish Church.

If you are an art lover, the place is home for many art museums and contemporary galleries. Szentendre is a piece of arts itself so an afternoon spent there will disconnect you from any stress you might have been bearing.


How to get there: From Miskolc Railway Station there are trains to Budapest every hour. The trip lasts approximately 2 hours. From Keleti Railway Station in Budapest take a metro till

Batthyány tér (line 2). From there, take a regional train to Szentendre (HÉV). The trip lasts around 40 minutes.

Tip: Have a walk along the Danube promenade. The view on the river is different from the one in Budapest, and you will get a chance to have a rest after wandering the cobblestoned historical center.