Another point of view - SH with the eye of the mentors

27. January 2016. 13:10
If you click on the menus of the UM-Stipendium Hungaricum site, it is easy to recognize that in most cases the pictures show smaller or bigger groups of students. The reason of this is that our staff is aware of the importance of social life – this is why the International Office, especially the Institutional Coordinator of the SH programme, Ms. Krisztina SÁNDOR established the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentoring system.

This article refers to this fellowship union and this is the very first interview / report with the mentor students. In fact all mentors had a revision of the past months, considered what they loved about being a full-time mentor and what were the things they want to avoid in the future.

It can be stated from both sides (mentors and the international office), that the mentoring programme turned to be successful – SH students received the necessary guidance and help, mentor students could improve their language– and problem solving skills and the job of international office became assisted and much easier.

Let’s see how the mentors evaluate the past semester and how they expect the forthcoming ones!

I spent a wonderful time with my Stipendium Hungaricum friends. Cooking together, watching movies, and trips to Hungarian places got us closer to each other. Through these relationships I got to know even more people from foreign countries. We still keep in touch with my friends and organize common programmes. I recommend the SH program for those students who - besides studying - want to be a part of an amazing international team and get to know different cultures from all over the world.

Péter Volascsek, mentor of 6 SH students from Algeria and India


Being the Mentor-coordinator of this programme I had the chance to see all the processes and efforts were made during the semester. I am grateful for the SH students were so proactive in this semester, many of them attended to our team building nights and trips. I can proudly say that all of us had a great time together. New relationships and friendships were found and our previous bonds have deepened.

Laura Reznek, Mentor-Coordinator, mentor of Gökhan Coskun from Turkey


Mentoring and being mentored are great means of meeting new and interesting people. Not only you learn about other cultures, but you are able to establish lasting friendships on an individual level as well. You can rely on your peers and they feel the same in most cases. It's something that may seem temporary but in the end you'll gain important experiences regarding others and yourself.

Norbert Lenkei, mentor of 5 SH students from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Vietnam and Nigeria


SH gave me the chance to spend a semester with these fantastic guys, who were my students. It was really exciting to learn more about each other's culture and share our experiences. My students love to be here because they enjoy the different environment and our European culture. They travel a lot and see notable places. If you are about to come here, take a chance, you won't regret it.

Georgina Hornyák, mentor of 6 students from Mongolia, Turkey and Algeria


During this semester I had two Indian, two Iraqi, one Chinese and one Pakistani students. Some of them have already been here in Miskolc, so they didn't need much help like the new ones. I was always there when they needed my help. We went to see the doctor, or when one's laptop needed a repair, we went to have it fixed. Sometimes it was hard, but it is my duty to be standby 24/7. But mostly it was a big experience, because i met their cultures and we had nice parties together. I made friends with almost all of them.

Bence Bartus, mentor of 6 students from China, India, Nigeria and Iraq


Let me summerize the semester shortly. We began it with the "wehavetodoitbecauseit'snecessary" stuffs, like student card, health insurance and some official stuff. These are indispensable to study here, no one can avoid it. Luckily we could finish everything quickly, then the leaders and mentors made a familiarization evening to get to know each other. There were some funny tasks which could make a conversation easier to start. Like a team buliding. Actually it's a team building. Nothing is mandatory...(you can laugh with the others from outside, but it's not the me ;) ) I have to say this evening was very successful because everytime I met foreign students they were always together and never seen somebody alone. Maybe new friedships were born ? :-)

Another very good program was the weekend when we went to a winetasting trip to Eger. If you don't like alcohol, it's not a problem, I didn't drink either. After it, we spent the half of the evening in the bath having some rest. What else can I say? Here in the University you can always have a party in the weekdays, and in the weekends, or if you're not interested you can go sightseeing in the town. Most parts of Miskolc are beutiful. I could tell you such a lot more things, but personnally it will be better.

If you're come here I can suggest you do not afraid to ask the mentors. We are here to help you, we can solve all problems :-)

István Bihari, mentor of 4 students from Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Algeria and Turkey


Through my experience working with different individuals I feel I have gained a greater positive outlook on a variety of situations. A large part of the work involved discussing their ongoing issues that caused them concern. I aided individuals overcoming issues with their cooperation, sourcing resolutions in most cases. I feel honesty and clarity helped enormously with transperency in the communication between myself and the individuals. I have enormously enjoyed the experience and it's been a true pleasure working with each and every student.

Zsófia Szikszay, mentor of 6 students from Nigeria, Tunisia, Mongolia and Iraq



The mentoring program was a great opportunity for me in the previous semester. I met a lot of students, got an insight into different cultures. I’ve made new friends and I practised English. This is worth it for me! :)

Don’t hesitate to come to Miskolc, because you can meet Hungarian culture, and the abounding nighlife in the Campus! In addition, you're going to participate incredibly exciting trips, get to know new customs, national cuisines, music, art.

Bettina Nagy, mentor of 5 students from China, Iraq, Algeria, Nigeria and India


Hello guys, my name is László Buslig and I was/am a mentor in the Stipendium Hungaricum program. 

First of all, I would like to tell you that being a mentor is fun and entertaining because we meet new people, we make new friends, we have fun together and get to know each others culture better. We and the candidates can both improve our English skills, visit touristic places, go to parties together etc. However, it also comes with responsibilities. Speaking from experience, the mentors have to help you, the candidates, in some administrative business (e.g. opening a bank account, getting Hungarian SIM-card, validating your Resident Permit etc) and also in assimilation to social and university life!

In my opinion, future students who are willing to participate in the SH program, should also be good English speakers and patient, understandable with the mentors, since we are students just like you, we also have to study hard. You can not just expect us to do everything for you!

On the other hand, future candidates for being mentors, should be good English speakers since the students come from many different countries and sometimes it could be hard to understand what they say.

László Buslig, mentor of 6 students from Ecuador and Algeria


Last semester I was the mentor of six SH students.  They were from Algeria, Georgia and from Mongolia. Some other mentors and I showed them the city in the first weeks. We also went to the Immigration Office and to the Registration Office together and to the bank to open a new bank account. I tried to be also there if they needed me anytime (hospital e.g.) It was a very good experience, and I will keep in touch with them because we became friends with some of them.

Adrienn Gyimesi, mentor of 6 students from Georgia, Mongolia and Algeria


I started my work in autumn 2015 as a mentor of 6 international students (Algerian, Mongolian, 2 Tunisians, 2 Nigerians). My first exercise was planning the travel between Budapest and Miskolc for the new students and check them in the hostel. Firstly my new work was really hard. I didn't know what I had to do, but in continuance of time I learnt it. Albeit in the semester there were some difficulties, I think this program is a really good possibility for international students and hungarian students, too. We organise many trips, and partys for Stipendium and Erasmus students, where you come to know others cultures, you can make international friendships, gain experiences, and it's very good to practice the language. I applied for the program in this semester, too, to help international students.

Franciska Nóra Lackó, mentor of 6 students from Nigeria, Mongolia, Algeria and Tunisia


You are thinking on study in abroad? You would like to get new experiences, memories and a lot of new friends? Then Miskolc is what you need! We are waiting for you in the north-eastern part of Hungary, where you can take part in our high-quality courses. The atmosphere of our university is excellent and you can choose from many of our programs. Our mentors are here to help for you anytime you have a problem to make your stay here even better. If you can choose, choose the best, choose Miskolc!

Gábor Gyökér, mentor of 5 students from Palestine, Iraq and Ecuador