Christian's thoughts on the dormitory and its advantages

03. February 2016. 13:40
Aniagu Christian Ugochukwu - our second year student from Nigeria, who is studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics - shared his thoughts and experiences on being a Stipendium Hungaricum scholar in Miskolc and living in the 'legendary' E/6 dormitory which is very popular among international students.
This student hostel is mostly occupied by foreign students and from Christian's article it is very easy to see, that students who live there together become friends forever.


E/6 Kitchen: A Unifying Boon


'Unity in diversity' is a popular and casually used phrase across the world but I can bet majority of the people that use this phrase cannot know what it means if they have not been in a scenario similar to Stipendium Hungaricum or ERASMUS programme. Both programmes are bilateral agreement of countries involved to sponsor young scholars to countries different from country of origin; this is popularly called exchange programme in some region. This programme foster communication between scholars from various countries, exchanging cultures, ideas, languages, histories, values and kitchen ethics-food.

Coming from a multi-diverse cultural country, Nigeria, I value these aforementioned exchanged qualities. I am a Nigerian 2014/2015 beneficiary of Hungaricum Stipendium programme. I am a Masters student of Computer Science Engineering, University of Miskolc, Hungary. I reside in E/6 Bolyai-Kollegium, a residential accommodation provided for all beneficiaries from the respective countries participating in this bilateral programme. Now, you can imagine how many people I have met, from all continents of the world. Lest I forget, despite the awareness that there are many languages spoken in Europe, do you know I usually think everyone speaks English having come from a country where English is the official language. This gives you the clue I have never heard or spoken Hungarian before.

Residing together in the same hostel as colleagues and friends, mingling together to acclimatize to the new environment, adventure is unavoidable. One important part of this adventure is E/6 kitchen. Our rooms in this hostel are not as important as this kitchen.

There is this popular saying in the floor, “if I say kitchen, you say party; kitchen!! Party!!” Hungary is a country with so many sweet, quality and cheap wines, of course, with young people involved, party is inevitable. This kitchen is a central place to meet for this party. But, you will agree that party is never complete without food accompanying it. Therefore, these foods have to be natively prepared to showcase the delicacy of the countries involved and also enlighten the other scholars on the ingredients used in preparation as well as its significance. I am proud to have tasted and learnt how to make food from several European countries and beyond. All these still courtesy of this kitchen.

Believe me, there is no E/6 without kitchen and no kitchen without united friends from diverse countries, no friends without pretty Miskolc. We popularly call it “Miskolc Paradise”.


Aniagu Ugochukwu Christian

Msc Computer Science Engineering

University of Miskolc

2014/2015 Stipendium Hungaricum