Study in Hungary - a page for you!

13. April 2016. 09:50
Study in Hungary - the crossroads of Europe

http://www.studyinhungary.hua page you will visit day by day while planning your studies in Hungary.

It is easy to type 'Hungary' or 'Hungarian universities' into a search engine, the difficult part comes after this. Choosing from a list of search results, or maybe clicking on the first 5 - 6 records may not bring the best option (let's say course instead) to your attention. For the greatest pleasure of a lot of foreign students the Study in Hungary site is now at everyone's disposal who is interested in the 'Hungarian virtue', aims to be qualified on an European level and become the expert / engineer / teacher/ business(wo)man he/she always wanted to be.

Let's have a look on the main page.

'Why Hungary?' - a question of those who not decided where to study. This menu will make you sure about your decision.

'Study in Hungary' - a bit closer to the application. Here you will be able to read about the possible scholarships, universities and official / formal issues as well.

'Living in Hungary' - the life-saving part! Although you will be informed about everything in time, it is good to prepare from this guide. Health care, currency, mini dictionary - without these the first days would be difficult. Good to know that the international offices of universities and the Study in Hungary site are also trying to make this journey the best time for you.


Below this section you can see further parts created for furture students as well as for students who already graduated / fulfilled part-time studies here. While scrolling down you will even have the opportunity to read about their experiences.


Click on and search for the University of Miskolc! :)


Tell us your opinion ( regarding issues that should be discussed on our site and we will do our best and make the necessary investigation to be able to explain the topic.