Materials Sciences and Technologies PhD (doctoral) course in English

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Chemical metallurgy Dr. Tamás KÉKESI, DSc, professor
Foundry engineering  Dr. Jenő DÚL, CSc, assoc. professor
Interfacial phenomena and nanotechnology Dr. György KAPTAY, DSc, professor
Plastic deformation of metals Dr. György KRÁLLICS, PhD, assoc. professor

Physical metallurgy and heat treatment 

Dr. András ROÓSZ, academician, 
Materials informatics  Dr. Zoltán GÁCSI, DSc, professor
Space materials and technology Dr. Pál BÁRCZY, CSc, professor emeritus
High temp. equipment and heat energy utilization Dr. István SZŰCS, CSc, professor
Ceramics and their technologies Dr. László A. GÖMZE, CSc, professor
Polimer technology Dr. Kálmán MAROSSY, PhD, professor
Chemical processes and technologies  Dr. János LAKATOS, CSc, assoc. professor

Description of the above research fields (to be completed soon):


Training Booklet for PhD Students


Course descriptions


Non conventional computational methods in image analysis

Anisotrophy examinations

Combustion and gasification theory

Transport processes

Test methods for refractory materials

X-ray diffraction methods

Metal matrix composites

Solid state transformations


Theory of metal forming

Hot forming

Cold metalforming processes

Art of doing science

Bulk and interfacial equilibrium of materials


Mechanics and processing of ceramics

Technology of composite materials

Organic chemical technologies for engineers

Sorption and catalysis

Molecular simulations of complex systems, molecular design and calculations of thermochemical properties

Application of theoretical chemistry methods for industrial processes

Data analysis

Surface treatment technologies

Chemical metallurgy I.

Chemical metallurgy II.

Processes of metal extraction and refining

Theoretical basics and simulation of foundry processes

Physics of polymers

PVC materials

Rheology of polymer processing

Introduction to the chemistry of polymers

Plastic processing technology