IMPORTANT: Entering Hungary

20. July 2020. 12:35
Government Decree No. 341/2020. (VII.12.) on entering HUNGARY deals with how foreign citizens (ie. students of higher education institutions) arriving from abroad and possessing a valid residence permit or a document entitling them to reside in Hungary for a duration exceeding 90 days can enter Hungary.

It also classifies countries  as green, yellow and red according to the rate of infection: (check your country!)


Green countries - current infection rate is low - Non-Hungarian nationals may enter without restrictions

Yellow countries – current infection rate is less severe - See below

Red countries – current infection rate is severe - See below + special consideration request must be submitted to the police unit!


Those arriving from „red countries” must submit a special consideration request to the Police at:, where you should click on : Equity request to enter the country (no login required)

Upon entry, non-Hungarian nationals are required to undergo a health screening.

If a person is suspected of being infected, he or she is not allowed to enter the country.

If a person is not suspected of being infected, he or she is required to enter a designated quarantine or home quarantine for 14 days. No disease control observation is required if a person can verify with documentation in Hungarian or English – containing the results of two molecular biological tests conforming to the relevant healthcare standards (SARS-CoV-2 tests) and performed a maximum of 5 days before entry into Hungary, with a minimum of 48 hours between the two tests – that at the time of testing the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not present in his or her body.

In a case  of  deserving special consideration, a person may request and be granted an exemption from entering quarantine if the result of his or her molecular biological test conforming to the relevant health care standards (SARS-CoV-2 test) is negative, but such a person is required to have a second test performed. A non-Hungarian national who upon entry into Hungary can verify that he or she had the COVID-19 infection in the 6 months before the requested border-crossing and is fully recovered will also be exempt from disease control observation.

On entering Hungary, students have to show their official documents together with the student status confirmation document (issued by the University on request).