The University of Miskolc SPE Student Chapter received The 2018 Outstanding student chapter award

18. July 2018. 13:45
From about 400 student chapters around the world, the University of Miskolc SPE Student Chapter received the highest award a chapter can attain: The 2018 Outstanding student chapter award, based on the constant growth proved by the organization.



Written by Alina Girnet, 1st year SH fellow student, alina.girnet(at)



„For us this is an unquestionable sign of the development, because this is the first time we achieved the award since the establishment. I am very proud of my board and as I have to leave the university not being a student anymore, I hope and know that the board will continue the work in the same rhythm we have started”, Ferenc Remeczki, the president of the chapter, told us.


As a prize, the organization reached a level from where they can access more opportunities for the members, Ferenc added.


The student chapter was founded in 1992, and is currently the only one in Hungary, as only in Miskolc students can pursue a Petroleum Engineering degree. Whilst the organization is mainly orientated towards petroleum engineers, the activities could be interesting enough for geologists, miners, or petroleum geologists too.


Here you can learn how you can become a member and what activities the chapter is providing for its members.