Life after graduation, step by step. How can Miskolc become the place of your first job?

11. February 2019. 10:40
The “What am I going to do after graduation” question echoes intensely enough throughout the period of a study program. Friends ask us. Parents ask us. We ask ourselves. We definitely look for intriguing opportunities that could luckily enough fit the degree we invested so much time and energy into. Walid Gacem pursued a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Miskolc. After graduation, he hasn’t had double thoughts - Miskolc was to be the place for his first job.



Written by Alina Girnet, 1st year SH fellow student, alina.girnet(at)


Language, education system, examination procedures, friends, even mentality and ambitions – many things changed once Walid decided to come for a Master’s Degree in Hungary. Back in Algeria, he also studied Mechanical Engineering for his Bachelor’s; the Master specialization he had chosen was different, though. After graduating with the highest grades in his class, the Algerian Government offered him a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Hungary.

“I knew some things about the country. Nevertheless, I tried to find out more from my friends that have already been here, which helped me prepare for this experience.”

There were seven internationals in his class at the University of Miskolc, coming from all around the world. “It was fun to go through all of this together, from studying and preparing academic tasks to going out and knowing each other better” Walid remembers.

“I encountered a different education system here. One example is the period of examination, which is longer and busier here. Nevertheless I got used to it and I was able to focus well on what I had to do.”

Walid experienced life in an international dormitory too, which he can describe as “interesting” (laughs). “There are always positive and negative sides, although the positive ones are somehow more powerful, neutralizing the other ones.” Walid made friends there. They used to travel together, hang out in Miskolc or Budapest. “I got to learn a lot from them, especially because they were older, but also because everyone was so different, and yet, we got along nicely.”


“I decided to stay here to get more experience in the field I have studied”

During his studies, Walid had an internship at the university. “My studies focused on welding technologies and my supervisor offered me to come and work in the university laboratory at some practical projects. I found this experience very useful, as it was connected to my thesis.”

Along with the well-deserved diploma, his graduation came with a bronze medal of merit, to recognize his outstanding academic achievements. After graduation, Walid realized that the study program he had pursued suits the range of job offers in this region, the reason for which he started applying for different work positions. “A lot of companies need exactly this Master’s Degree; and this motivated me to extend my stay in Europe.”

Not only did he prolong his stay in Europe, but to be more specific, he decided to stay in Miskolc, after applying to be a cut designer at a company based in the city. He has already started his training as a technician, with the intention to advance as an engineer later. “This is actually the first job in my life, and I can already say it is a good experience. I am trying to improve my skills and learn from the senior engineer there.” Walid doesn’t think the place is very important, in terms of it being a large or a small city as Miskolc, as long as he is able to have a job that would fulfill his professional expectations.


Ready for Hungarian?

“I am a beginner, so I will take it step by step.” By that, he refers to his job, but also to the intention of improving his Hungarian. During the period spent in Hungary, Walid achieved a basic level of the language, but he is conscious that he has to improve it to better communicate with his colleagues.

“It is a good place to start a new life and career”, Walid would say to those who would have the intention to come here to study, as he did two years ago. “The Hungarians that I met were kind to me. While I heard that they had less pleasant situations from my friends too, I, for example, haven’t experienced any of the kind.”

Walid told me that this experience has changed him considerably. “I have changed, especially in the way I think. Here, my ambitions have become bigger. I realized that I don’t want to have an ordinary life. I want more for myself and I am looking for more experiences that will lead me to that. Anywhere, but let’s start with Miskolc.”