Current degree courses in English




Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

- Metallurgical Engineering, MSc

- Materials Engineering, MSc

- Kerpely Antal Doctoral School of Material Sciences and Technologies, PhD


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics

- Mechanical Engineering, MSc                                                                                                  

- Computer Science Engineering, MSc                         

- Mechanical Engineering Sciences, PhD

- Information Science and Technology, PhD


Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering

- Petroleum Engineering, MSc        

- Petroleum Geoengineering, MSc

- Earth Sciences Engineering, MSc

- Hydrogeological Engineering, MSc

- Environmental Engineering, MSc

- Mikoviny Sámuel Doctoral School of Earth Sciences, PhD


Faculty of Economics

- Master of Business Administration (MBA), MA

- Doctoral School of Enterprise Theory and Practice, PhD              


Faculty of Arts

- Central European Studies, MA   

- Cultural Anthropology, MA 


Faculty of Law

- European and International Business Law, MA

- Deák Ferenc Doctoral School in Law and Political Sciences, PhD