'I am planning to apply for the scholarhship, but I don't have IELTS or TOEFL English certificate. Do you accept a paper from my university certifying that I've studied in English during my BSc years?'


’I won the scholarship, but I do not know who should I contact regarding my questions related to administrative issues and the academic training itself.’


’I got 80% on my entrance examination, the professor I had the interview with advised I am accepted on the basis of my score. I will have to submit some missing documents, but I do not know how to proceed with my application… am I going to be equipped with any supporting letters which I can use for applying for a VISA?’

  1. After accepting your scholarship (guide on how to accept it: here), you will be able to download your Letter of Award, this document is issued by the Tempus Public Foundation and proves that you are granted with a scholarship and it also contains the allowances you are entitled to.
  2. The other document will be sent to you by e-mail, by the higher educational institution. This certificate is called Letter of Admission.


’I could not download the Letter of Award from the online application system, who should I turn to?’


’I would like to stay in a single bed room in the dormitory, is it possible?’


’I would like to stay in the UNI-Hotel, right from my arrival.’


’How can I rent a flat, is there anybody in the International Office or somebody at the University who can help me to find one?’


’When does the first semester end, and the second one start? If I want to go home after the first semester, what date should I book my flight ticket?’


’I would like to know the steps to take to ensure completing the online registration.

1. Do I complete the online registration form and put "not applicable (n/a)" as VISA number, if my visa is not ready yet and the deadline of filling the registration form is almost over?

2. Do I wait till after I receive my visa number before I complete the online registration form?’


We will continue uploading the most common and usual questions to this site, but if you have a question, which is not being answerred here, let us know by e-mail (see main menu 'COORDINATION').