02. December 2019. 14:25
Come and meet us at 15:00 on 10th December 2019 in Sopron hall (building A/4, first floor, facing the International Relations Office) at the first International ALUMNI Brainstorming Event to launch the INTERNATIONAL JOURNALIST BOARD (IJB) and become one of its very first team members!
15. November 2019. 10:10
As we, in the International Office know, many of you, all around the world are considering about applying for a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship and here we would like to provide you with the necessary information about the application process and so on.
09. October 2019. 07:30
Every year near the middle of October, a special day is celebrated around the world—thanks to a delegation of Hungarians 40 years ago! You might never have known about it or heard of it, but World Food Day is commemorated annually on October 16th in over 150 countries. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the issues behind poverty and hunger.
02. October 2019. 07:45
Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar, the Indonesian alumni of the University of Miskolc, the bright star of Petroleum Geoengineering, won again!
19. July 2019. 12:00
Dear Students,

EIT RawMaterials Hub Regional Center at Kosice organizes a five-days short course for students from V4 countries universities. The aim of the course is to link business training and practical outdoor field education, where the teams will solve assignments within the chosen area of interest (geology, geodesy and processing).

Application form can be reached from



Application deadline is 15 August, 2019.
15. July 2019. 14:25
If a picture says a thousand words, then a short film says a complete story. The story of a nice afternoon full of joy and celebration.
Congratulations to everyone, graduates, first year students, all SH scholars of the University of Miskolc - another academic year has passed and you carried out your academic duties very well.
27. May 2019. 10:50
By the last week of May twelve Stipendium Hungaricum students have made a successful state examination on Central European Studies at the Faculty of Arts.
23. May 2019. 13:25
Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar is one of the brightest and most talented students at the University of Miskolc. Besides studying in the Petroleum Geoengineering MSc program at the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering by the support of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, the 26-year-old Indonesian man has won numerous competitions, participated in several international conferences, written and published scientific articles, been a member of several Earth science associations and he even worked at the Geophysical Department of the University of Miskolc as a demonstrator for a whole year.
14. May 2019. 10:25
The exam period charges us with an almost unbearable heaviness, especially after several days in a row spent in our dormitory rooms. There is not enough time for a longer trip, nevertheless, a day trip could refresh our mind and boost our creativity. The city of Miskolc is surrounded by significant historical places, and the train connections offer us the chance to start our journey in the morning, and return later in the evening. If you are in for a day trip, here are some recommendations.
16. April 2019. 10:45
Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar is one of the brightest young talents in the exciting world of Earth Sciences and Engineering, and he seems to prove his excellent talent almost every month.
10. April 2019. 10:15
It has been no bed of roses, as the song would say, but hard work pays off eventually. Ten international students from the University of Miskolc were awarded with honorary medals for the excellent results achieved in the previous semester. “This appreciation will have a great impact on my career”, Zartasha, on of the awarded students, believes.
04. April 2019. 07:30
Our Petroleum Geoengineering student, Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar, who came back from the Annual Student Energy Congress with two prestigious prizes only a few weeks ago, has just won again.
13. March 2019. 09:35
Between 4th and 7th March 2019 the Annual Student Energy Congress took place in Zagreb, Croatia. Our Petroleum Geoengineering student, Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar arrived back to Miskolc with two victories and two prizes from the prestigious event.
05. March 2019. 09:25
The Alumni Hungary frequently asks its members and volunteers to tell about their studies, stay in Hungary and everyday experiences and why it is important for them to be an Alumni Hungary member.
In this article we can get to know the opinion and point of view of our PhD student, Mr. Raghawendra Pratap Singh Sisodia and we can easily see, that continuing his MSc studies on a doctoral level (both in Miskolc) was a great decision of him.

25. February 2019. 09:15
The University of Miskolc will host a blood donation in the last week of February. In the article bellow, you can find all the necessary details if you are willing to contribute.
11. February 2019. 10:40
The “What am I going to do after graduation” question echoes intensely enough throughout the period of a study program. Friends ask us. Parents ask us. We ask ourselves. We definitely look for intriguing opportunities that could luckily enough fit the degree we invested so much time and energy into. Walid Gacem pursued a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Miskolc. After graduation, he hasn’t had double thoughts - Miskolc was to be the place for his first job.
28. January 2019. 08:50
Shopping in the supermarket, waiting in the bank, having a swim in the pool, strolling on the streets of Miskolc, taking trips around the city - Stipendium Hungaricum students are a part of the community of Miskolc and residents meet them often during their everyday lives. Therefore, the biggest local daily newspaper decided to introduce our international students to its readers.
03. December 2018. 08:55
The new Call for Applications 2019/2020 for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme is available now. The University of Miskolc is gladly to be one of the host institutions offering 17 English degree courses. If you want to experience life in a typical Hungarian city, we listed below some reasons for which you should consider applying to one of the programmes offered by our university.
13. October 2018. 08:45
'I have more opportunities here than I had at home. Being in the center of Europe helps me stay connected with all that happens in my field of interest in this area', told me Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar. Muhammad is currently an MSc Petroleum Geoengineering student at the University of Miskolc and the president of the Indonesian chapter of Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts. Recently, he returned from an international conference in Poland, where he has been awarded for the best oral presentation.