18. January 2017. 11:15
A brand new promotional video about the Stipendium Hungaricum programme is available on YouTube.
13. January 2017. 09:50
The latest call for applications is already available at the Tempus Public Foundation's website.
13. April 2016. 09:50
Study in Hungary - the crossroads of Europe
19. February 2016. 10:40
16th March is almost here...
03. February 2016. 13:40
Aniagu Christian Ugochukwu - our second year student from Nigeria, who is studying at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics - shared his thoughts and experiences on being a Stipendium Hungaricum scholar in Miskolc and living in the 'legendary' E/6 dormitory which is very popular among international students.
This student hostel is mostly occupied by foreign students and from Christian's article it is very easy to see, that students who live there together become friends forever.
02. February 2016. 14:10
New semester, new mentor students!
27. January 2016. 13:10
If you click on the menus of the UM-Stipendium Hungaricum site, it is easy to recognize that in most cases the pictures show smaller or bigger groups of students. The reason of this is that our staff is aware of the importance of social life – this is why the International Office, especially the Institutional Coordinator of the SH programme, Ms. Krisztina SÁNDOR established the Stipendium Hungaricum Mentoring system.

This article refers to this fellowship union and this is the very first interview / report with the mentor students. In fact all mentors had a revision of the past months, considered what they loved about being a full-time mentor and what were the things they want to avoid in the future.

It can be stated from both sides (mentors and the international office), that the mentoring programme turned to be successful – SH students received the necessary guidance and help, mentor students could improve their language– and problem solving skills and the job of international office became assisted and much easier.

Let’s see how the mentors evaluate the past semester and how they expect the forthcoming ones!
20. January 2016. 11:45
On 2-3rd November 2015 four UM-scholars participated in an essential and prestigious event.
15. January 2016. 11:30
We prepared a small chart to show the actual SH-statistics of the University of Miskolc
14. January 2016. 15:15
Another funny gathering the Stipendium Hungaricum 'family' organized
18. December 2015. 09:45
Report on the Welcome Event organised by the Ministry of Human Capacities and the Tempus Public Foundation
12. December 2015. 10:10
The new call for applications is already available!