Muhammad’s victory in Canada

02. October 2019. 07:45
Muhammad Nur Ali Akbar, the Indonesian alumni of the University of Miskolc, the bright star of Petroleum Geoengineering, won again!

He won the second runner-up for the world championship of Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Paper Contest 2019. The SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition took place in Calgary, Canada, between 30 September and 2 October 2019.

This event is organised for professionals and experts as it is one of the biggest and the most important gatherings of the petroleum industry, consisting of hundreds of technical presentations and discussion sessions, a lot of exhibiting companies, training courses and network events.

You can read Muhammad’s prize-winning paper (New Approaches of Porosity-Permeability Estimations and Quality Factor Characterization based on Sonic Velocity, Critical Porosity, and Rock Typing) in OnePetro with the number SPE-199777-STU

Dear Muhammad, good luck in the future! (Though you don’t seem to need any luck anyway…)